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What is Mamaleelu Cold Brew?

We use high quality, organic, fairly traded coffee to craft Mamaleelu Cold Brew. “Cold brew”, also known as “cold press”, is brewed without heat over a long period of time. Our small batch, hand crafted Cold Brew begins by steeping freshly roasted coffee in room temperature water for 18-24 hours – using a double filtration process to procure the end result: a smooth, buttery, balanced brew with a low acidity. Mamaleelu Cold Brew is refreshing and delicious straight out of the bottle. It is best over ice, with a splash of water or cream.


Our Coffee

Fair-Trade Organic 

Our coffee is grown and produced at the Gumutindo Cooperative located in the upland valleys of Mt. Elgon, in eastern Uganda. This quality medium roast offers a smooth, buttery, balanced body, with a profile of nut, lemon, cocoa, rich earth, and fruity aromas.

Trading fairly promotes social & environmental sustainability, helping producers in developing countries by advocating for higher payments to farmers in exchange for their goods.

Pick Up a Mamaleelu Cold Brew

Available at Select Grocery Stores and Gourmet Markets

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